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Orange Office Technologies Pvt Ltd. Is a Neutral KPO Service Provider who offers the shipping & Logistics players worldwide, the competitive edge in the market by providing the Expert Service in all the core segments of their day to day operations starting from Documentation & Operation, sales support, Customer service & Accounting activity.

Expert consultation with a well Co-Ordinated process mapping will make logistics service an exceptional one and OOT paves the way to achieving this exceptional excellence with the support of a team of a well  experienced personnel from the industry .The next generation logistics seeks one to one logistics solutions that best serves the specific needs of each customer through Digital Transformation and OOT’s IT division caters to the same.


Moving from basic transportation to real time system based logistics OOT -Logistics KPO is at the forefront of this paradigm shift leveraging integrated IT solutions and professional consulting services .

OOT has a dedicated team of professionals to guide Its customer with real time state of the art process mapping to improve the overall efficiency and productivity .


  • We are committed to providing quality IT Services
  • Provided by experts to help challenge critical activities
  • Really know the true needs and expectations of customers

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Orange Office Technologies has a dedicated team of experts to help customers with real-time state of art process mapping which will help to improve overall efficiency and productivity. 

  • Our dedicated team will provide integrated IT solutions
  • We provide neutral KPO services
  • We offer professional consulting services
  • Expert documentation services